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Sometimes getting started in a new space can be a little daunting or difficult. To try and break the ice, feel free to introduce yourself and/or your organization here so we can get to know you a little better. Spice up your introduction however you like, but if you're a little stuck, here's some questions to guide you:
  1. What's your name? ( I know; we start with the hard-hitting questions.)
  2. What organization or company do you work for or are associated with? (or alternatively, what is your role?) 
  3. What InfoSec topics interest you the most?
  4. What do you hope to get out of the Helm Community?
  5. Disaster strikes and all social media is about to be wiped from the internet. You can save one. Which social media site do you save?
  6. What's one recent event that has made you happy?
  7. Read any good books lately?
  8. Binge any good shows on streaming services?
  9. Now for possibly the most critical question in this list: Coffee or tea?
We can't wait to get to know you!


  • cheryl_rasmuson
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    I'll get us started with introductions so it's not a ghost town in here!

    -My name is Cheryl and I'm the Community Manager at Tugboat Logic.
    -My job here is to maintain this community and help support you however I can. I've got a fantastic team that I can draw on for expertise so feel free to reach out if you need help!
    -In terms of InfoSec topics, I really like learning about how systems are tested to see if they're secure.
    -At the helm, I hope to expand my knowledge and get to know individuals from multiple industries and locations around the world.
    -If I had to save one form of Social Media, it would be YouTube. I currently watch a lot of series on there.
    -A recent event that has made me happy is seeing a number of businesses and restaurants open up outdoor patio areas as the lockdown ends (I'm Canadian so there's only so many months in the year you can eat comfortably outside and enjoy the sun). 
    -I will forever promote "The Lies of Locke Lamora" by Scott Lynch. His fourth book is supposed to come out this year! Other than that, I've been reading through the Dungeons and Dragons, Descent into Avernus module in the hopes that I'll run it some day.
    -Surprisingly, I haven't been watching too many things on streaming services lately, however, I have been catching up on Fredrick Knudson's docu-series on YouTube.  
    -And for the critical question. Coffee in the morning, tea for the rest of the day.
  • Working off of that timeless playground adage, "First the worst, second the best...", I figured posting second here wouldn't be too bad 🤣

    1. Victor
    2. Community Guy at Tugboat Logic who works closely with Cheryl and tries to not get in her way of building this awesome community.
    3. Hmm...I'd have to say everything about infosec, especially the ethical hacking side of things.
    4. I hope to learn as much as I can from everyone here, and collaborate on cool projects / side-projects other community members are working on.
    5. Maybe LinkedIn? But that's a big "maybe" because all social media networks have had a corrosive effect on society, especially in engendering the humblebrag mentality.
    6. Seeing this community slowly take form! Big shout-out to Cheryl for making this happen. I can't want to see even more content and discussions in The Helm.
    7. "Frank: The Voice" by James Kaplan. Entertaining page turner of a biography! Which usually can't be said for many biographies.
    8. "Kingdom" on Netflix. For those who haven't watched it, I'd describe it as political intrigue meets zombies. "Odd combo" you might say, but 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes says otherwise 😉
    9. Coffee.
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