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The Compliance Debt Factor

ray_kruck Tugboat Employee Tugboat Team

There is a business reality that too many startups, and even later-stage companies, fall victim to not having a clear and well-structured action plan for security and privacy. This security shortfall suddenly comes front and center at quarter end when that must-have enterprise deal slips away due to compliance requirements. This growing deficit is what I refer to as compliance debt.

Whether it’s GDPR or security attestations like SOC 2, my prior startup experience taught me that using a client’s requirements as a way to back into an InfoSec program can lead to costly technology decisions. You need to start now and start small, so it’s achievable. Deferring your compliance debt will cost you so much more in the future.

You might be familiar with the term technical debt in software development where you prioritize the speed of a code release over properly structured or regression-tested code. With compliance debt, you’re likely not even considering the small steps you can take to address security considerations when architecting your solution delivery or managing privacy reputational risk that exists in your go-to-market strategy. 

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