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How to Pass an Audit Faster

edited August 17 in Community Announcements

We get that passing a SOC 2 audit can be a time-consuming and tedious process. But there are ways to make it quick, easy, and smooth. 

In this webinar, Sydney Archer, VP of Customer Success at Tugboat Logic, discussed her actionable tips and tricks for passing your security audit faster, including:

  • Shortcuts to use during the audit prep process
  • Debunking audit myths to save you time
  • How to find the right auditor for you

She also dives into the top 3 things people do right and the most common mistakes made during an audit so you can make your audit experience much easier and streamlined - it doesn’t have to be a painful process if you know what you’re doing.

Time Stamps:

Introduction and housekeeping 00:00 - 04:42

What is SOC 2 and why do you need it 04:43 - 09:35

Busting SOC 2 Myth 09:36 - 18:15

Audit Prep Hacks 18:16 - 23:00

Accelerating Audit prep 23:01 - 25:59

Finding the right Auditor 26:00 - 33:00

Product Demo 34:00 - 40:29

Q & A 40:35 - 54;40

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