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How to Evaluate Cloud Migration Milestones (March 2, 2021)

In an ever-growing and evolving virtual landscape, cloud computing and storage are more vital than ever. The key is choosing the right service and planning your migration effectively

 But how should you get started? What should you prepare for and ask? Who should you get involved in the process? What security concerns should you address?

In our round-table workshop discussed best practices for cloud migrations and what to expect from the process.

Featured Speakers:

  • Steve Genders, VP, Information Systems and Security
  • Alfredo Pardo, Security & Compliance Practice Lead at Caylent
  • Chris Pedigo, Field CTO at Lacework
  • Nicholas Barretta, Solutions Architect at CloudKnox 

This webinar took place March 2, 2021 and is based on the experiences and knowledge of the presenters.

Check out the video here!