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Monthly Community Training: June Edition!

edited June 7 in Ask an Expert

We are kicking off a new series here at Tugboat Logic! Once every month we will be holding a series of training sessions designed to bring new customers, and existing customers' new employees up to speed with Tugboat's platform.

The series will run Tuesday, June 8 through Thursday, June 10 for one hour each day. Each session will cover different parts of our platform and modules. While we would love to see anyone interested there for the lives sessions, we understand that it's a lot of time to commit. We will send the recordings to everyone who registers.

We also encourage you to check in on the sections you are interested in if you cannot attend the whole session!

June 8 Session: Creating a Readiness Project, Policies, Controls, Evidence & Settings

June 9 Session: Security Questionnaires, Vendor Management, On/Off boarding & RAM

June 10 Session: Audit Projects, Integrations, Share Program, Compliance Calendar

We encourage you to bring any questions related to the session's topics to ask!

We will be resuming regular Office Hours Thursday, June 24.