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The Tugboat Logic + Jira integration | Pushing Controls & Evidence Requests To Jira


I am requesting further information in regards to steps after the set up of Push Controls & Evidence Requests To Jira.

I followed the steps, got passed authentication (connection confirmed), and I was able to access the project, and select the type, however, thereafter there isn't as much information about next steps. The steps to collect evidence is very thorough, however, the steps for Push are limited/short.

Is there any automation for pushing controls and evidence requests to Jira, or is this manual? Do we have to manually push every single item under Controls and Evidence or is there any automation to this process?

Thank you


  • ila_admin
    ila_admin Tugboat Employee Tugboat Team

    Thank you for the question!

    The push is done manually however it doesn't have to be one by one. Users can multi select controls and have the option to push to JIRA from the controls page.  

    As a side note, evidence tasks cannot be pushed to JIRA as they are recurring events as opposed to a one-time task.

    Thank you,