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When setting up my Evidence tasks for a Control, I cannot get the Observation Periods I need to stay

My readiness project has an observation period of 1/1/21 through 8/27/21. The Evidence tasks for each associated Control show collections periods defaulting to 1-1-20 through 12/31/21. When I delete those dates and enter the range I need and click Apply, the dates I expect are there along with the appropriate collection schedule. However, when I leave that page and come back later, everything is reset to the former Observation Period of 1/1/20 through 12/31/21. How do I get the Advanced filters to retain dates as set in the Readiness Project?

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  • ila_admin
    ila_admin Tugboat Employee Tugboat Team

    Hi Terry,

    Thank you very much for your question! Currently in Tugboat the Advanced Filters in the Observation Period are not persistent.

    There are two ways to view your evidence tasks:

    1) If you work through the Readiness Project, you will see a filtered view based on your observation period (which can be set manually). Navigate here by selecting "Readiness Projects" in the left-hand navigation, select the readiness project that you are working from, and then choose the "Evidence Tasks" tab. Once you have set an observation period, you will no longer see the evidence prior to its start date. This is the most efficient way to omit from view older, undesired evidence.

    2) By navigating through "Evidence Task" in the left-hand menu you will see all historical evidence (not filtered for an observation period). This is useful as you can see the complete history for all evidence that has been submitted for this task. You can filter these results using the "advanced filters" function to show tasks within a relevant date range (see screenshot below for guidance). Note that this filter is not persistent and leaving then navigating back to this page will require it to be reset. 

    Please let us know if you have any further questions!

  • Thanks for the response but it does not address my issue. I can do, and have done repeatedly, all the steps you show. Unfortunately, the observations date settings in the advanced filters in the Evidence tab does not carry forward from one session to the next. I have to reset the period every time I access the tab, even when I have not signed out and even when I stay within the same readiness project. Is it not designed to retain the observation period from one session to the next, within the same readiness project? The readiness project does. Why doesn't the associated evidence tab for that readiness project persist the settings?

  • ila_admin
    ila_admin Tugboat Employee Tugboat Team

    My apologies. You are correct, when setting the Advanced Filters in the Evidence Tab the filters do not stay from session to session and once you are off that page you will need to add the filter every time. Currently it is not designed to retain the observation period from one session to the next even within the same Readiness Project. The Readiness Project Calendar View could be a better view for you.

    From our Product Manager on this, it will be addressed in the next couple of releases where the filter will persist and be remembered when navigating to any evidence task.

    Thanks so much.