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Security news for September 21 2020: Credit Card Fraud is up 104%

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Notable news items and topics to discuss for the week of September 21, 2020.

Chinese Antivirus Firm Was Part of APT41 ‘Supply Chain’ Attack — Krebs on Security

The U.S. Justice Department this week indicted seven Chinese nationals for a decade-long hacking spree that targeted more than 100 high-tech and online gaming companies. The government alleges the men used malware-laced phishing emails and “supply chain” attacks to steal data from companies and their customers.

Billions of devices vulnerable to new 'BLESA' Bluetooth security flaw | ZDNet

New BLESA attack goes after the often ignored Bluetooth reconnection process, unlike previous vulnerabilities, most found in the pairing operation.

China has Been Doing ‘Mass Surveillance’ on Millions of Citizens in US, UK, Australia, and India

A database of 2.4 million personal details has been leaked. Experts are calling it "frightening".

Study: Credit Card Fraud Up by 104% Over 2019 - Legal Reader

If you’re a victim of fraud or scams, some or all of your lost money may be refunded by the FTC. Refunds are issued to victims in a variety of fraud and scam cases.

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