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Security news for August 6 2021: $85m Zoombombing lawsuit, & expansive LinkedIn data breach

isaac_noko ✭✭
edited August 2021 in This Week in Security News

It's been an eventful week in cybersecurity news, here are some of the most interesting headlines for the week of August 6, 2021:

LinkedIn breach reportedly exposes data of 92% of users, including inferred salaries

Just two months ago, LinkedIn found itself facing a government probe after data on 500 million LinkedIn users were breached and posted online. Now it’s happened again! This time 700 million users have been impacted!

Unsecured cloud database leaked personal information of over 100m US citizens

In “your company would have benefited from being SOC 2 compliant” news, a marketing firm leaks 100 million records via misconfigured database. Researchers at vpnMentor state that “leaks like this could be easily avoided with some basic security measures taken including securing servers, implementing proper access rules, and never leaving a system that doesn’t require authentication open to the internet.”

Zoom reaches $85M settlement in ‘Zoombombing’ lawsuit

“Zoombombing” was one of many phenomenons that arose in 2020. It describes unapproved attendees entering and disrupting Zoom calls usually sharing offensive imagery, using backgrounds to spread hateful messages, or spouting slurs and profanities. Zoom has agreed to pay an $85 million settlement in a lawsuit that accused the video conferencing giant of violating users’ privacy by sharing their data with third parties without permission and enabling “Zoombombing” incidents.

Amazon hit by record $887 million EU privacy fine

Last week Amazon’s financial records revealed that officials in Luxembourg are fining the retailer €746 million ($883 million USD) for breaching the European regulation. It’s the biggest GDPR fine issued to date and is more than double the amount of every other GDPR fine combined!