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Security news for August 27 2021: The latest developments from White House Cybersecurity Summit

Here is your weekly roundup of some of the most interesting headlines in cybersecurity for the week of August 27, 2021

Google & Microsoft plan to spend billions on cybersecurity after meeting with Biden

The White House hosted a cybersecurity summit on Wednesday with CEOs in sectors ranging from tech to insurance. This meeting follows a wave of cyberattacks that have brought added urgency to security issues. Big Tech companies including Google and Microsoft committed to spending billions on cybersecurity following the meeting. Do you think the US government and Big tech companies are doing enough to combat the recent string of cyberattacks?

Windows 10’s security is easily thwarted just by plugging in a Razer peripheral

A white-hat hacker has discovered a bug in Razer's device installer software that could give a hacker full admin rights in Windows 10, simply by plugging in a compatible peripheral and downloading the accompanying Synapse utility. This could be a Razer mouse or keyboard, or any device that taps in the Synapse software. Who do you feel is liable for this vulnerability? Microsoft or Razer?

Microsoft warns thousands of cloud customers of exposed databases, email shows

On Thursday, Microsoft warned thousands of its cloud computing customers, including some of the world’s largest companies, that intruders could have the ability to read, change or even delete their main databases, according to a copy of the email and a cyber security researcher. 

White House Tasks NIST with Producing Another Cybersecurity Framework

Following the White House hosted cybersecurity summit, the National Institute of Standards and Technology will work with major tech and insurance companies to create a new framework to help companies build more secure software. What are your thoughts on the introduction of another cybersecurity framework? 

And as always please comment down below and let us know your thoughts on this week's headlines. Or if you have any interesting infosec or cybersecurity-related news please share the links in the comments.