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Security news for September 10 2021: WhatsApp issued a historic fine for multiple GDPR violations

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Here are some of your most notable headlines for the week of: September 3 2021

The White House goes full steam ahead on zero trust

The push to convert federal networks, systems & devices to a zero trust security architecture is accelerating, with the release of three draft guidance documents as part of the White House’s push to improve the nation’s cybersecurity.

Australian immunization app bug lets attackers fake vaccine status

Three weeks after an independent researcher found a critical bug in the Services Australia COVID-19 digital vaccine certificate that would allow an attacker to falsify someone’s vaccine status, it still hasn’t been fixed.

Ireland fines WhatsApp €225 million for Multiple GDPR violations

Ireland's privacy regulator has fined WhatsApp a record amount for breaking European Union data protection rules. It said the company had failed to give users transparency about how their data would be used

Microsoft warns of a zero-day in Internet Explorer that is actively exploited

Microsoft warns of a zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer that is actively exploited by threat actors to hijack vulnerable Windows systems.

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