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📣OneTrust Plans to Acquire Tugboat Logic📣

To our valued Helm crew members,

If you are not already aware, we would like to share some big news with you! OneTrust plans to acquire Tugboat Logic!

OneTrust is the most widely used platform to operationalize privacy, security & data governance, and is the fastest-growing company in North America. This acquisition will accelerate Tugboat Logic's plans to build more automation to serve companies in their compliance journeys and the long-term growth of their InfoSec programs. At Tugboat Logic we have always prided ourselves in being a fulsome InfoSec solution, and this furthers our goal of supporting companies like you as you grow and thrive.

With OneTrust behind us, it gives us the resources to invest in the features you have been asking for and future-proof our solution for the long term. 

But you are probably wondering “what does this mean for me?” Rest assured that the Tugboat Logic platform still exists and we will continue to invest in its development and expansion. The product you know and love remains the same, as does the support we offer and our near-term product roadmap. In the future, you can look forward to more product updates and further integration with OneTrust’s product offering, giving your organization more opportunities to expand your InfoSec program. 

As a part of our commitment to you, our valued Helm crew members, we would like all of you to be a part of this big announcement. So if you have any questions, inquires, and/or general statements, please comment below!



  • Does this mean additional integrations in the future (perhaps with A-Scend)?