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Security news for September 24 2021: FTC requires health apps & device makers to report data breach

isaac_noko Tugboat Employee Tugboat Team

It’s been a very eventful week here at Tugboat Logic but we’ve still made time to wrangle your notable headlines for the week of September 24, 2021

Breach reporting required for health apps and devices, FTC says

The FTC will hold healthcare apps & device makers accountable for reporting data breaches. The FTC recognized how the applications & devices did not fall within the scope of HIPAA, but affirmed that the entities should be held responsible for mishandling consumer health data.

US sanctions cryptocurrency exchange used by ransomware gangs

The US Treasury Department announced the first-ever sanctions against a cryptocurrency exchange, the Russian-linked Suex, for facilitating ransom transactions for ransomware gangs and helping them evade sanctions. Do you think the use of sanctions will be a deterrent to Ransomware cyberattacks?

NIST Issues Cybersecurity Framework for Ransomware Risk Management

NIST has recently issued a Ransomware Profile that will identify the controls necessary to prevent, combat, and respond to ransomware. The NIST encourages organizations to use the document as a guide for profiling the state of their own readiness and to identify gaps to achieve their goal. Are excited about this new development in the NIST framework?

OneTrust announces its plans to acquire Tugboat Logic

Unless you live under a rock or this is your first time on the Helm then you already know that OneTrust has announced its plans to acquire Tugboat Logic. With this acquisition, businesses will have access to a single trust ecosystem capable of helping them through every step in the security journey. As a part of the OneTrust family, we are excited to help companies get certified, build trust, and win deals! As a part of our commitment to you, our valued Helm crew members, we would like all of you to be a part of this big announcement. So if you have any comments or would like to be a part of the discussion please comment here!

And as always please comment down below and let us know your thoughts on this week's headlines. Or if you have any interesting infosec or cybersecurity-related news please share the links in the comments.