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Notifications: You're in Control!

edited September 9 in The Helm - Guides & FAQ

While we want to be able to you keep you informed on what's happening in the community, we're also very aware of spam and notifications you may not necessarily be interested in. This is why we've left what you get notified about in your hands. Here's a quick little guide so that you can go in and edit exactly what you want to be informed about.

Community Notifications

Notifications appear in a few places in the community. First, within the community itself, the "bell" in the upper right-hand corner will indicate when there's something new in a discussion you are following, or an event such as earning a badge or being promoted a level has occurred.

Clicking on the bell will show you what notifications are new. If you wish to dismiss the notifications, you can click "Mark as Read" at the bottom of the list.

You can also choose specific discussions you are interested in to "bookmark" so you always get an update when a new comment is added. This can be extremely helpful if you're waiting for an answer in a discussion, or you are just interested in the topic itself.

To bookmark a discussion, click on the little flag icon located on the right.

You can also bookmark something within the discussion itself. If you look to the top right of this discussion near the title, you will see the flag icon. Once you have bookmarked something, you can find it quickly from your quick links bar.

Editing Notifications

The majority of your notifications can be customized in your profile. The only exceptions to this would be account emails such as the welcome email and emails to reset your password. You can access these options through your profile. Click your avatar icon near the notification bell in the upper right-hand corner. From there, click "edit profile."

From this page, look at the right-hand side under the blue buttons. You should see the following menu:

Click Notification Preferences and select which notifications you would like to receive from the list. There are global notifications (at the top) and more specific category-based notifications further down. Email means you will be emailed the notifications. "Pop-up" means you will get notified in the community itself when that action occurs.

Be sure to click "Save Preferences" at the bottom of the page before finishing with your settings.