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Security news for October 30 2021: Phishing emails deliver spooky zombie-themed ransomware

Here is your round-up of some of the more interesting cybersecurity headlines for the week of November 5, 2021

Phishing emails deliver spooky zombie-themed MirCop ransomware

The ransomware activates immediately and starts taking screenshots, locks files, changes the background to a horrid zombie-themed image, and offers victims instructions on what to do next.

Growing Number of States Enact New Genetic Data Privacy Laws

California, Arizona, and Utah are the latest states to enact genetic data privacy laws to hold genetic testing companies accountable for data protection.

N.L. health-care cyberattack is worst in Canadian history, says cybersecurity expert

One cybersecurity expert says the cyberattack on the Newfoundland and Labrador healthcare system may be the worst in Canadian history and has implications for national security.

China's personal data protection law kicks in today

The Personal Information Protection Law (effective on November 1, 2021) spells out the rules around data collection, use, and storage. It also states what international companies must do when they transfer data out of the country.

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