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Security news for December 17 2021: Log4j software bug could cause 'incalculable' damage

isaac_noko ✭✭
edited December 2021 in This Week in Security News

Here is your round-up of the most interesting cybersecurity headlines for the week of December 17, 2021: 

Log4J flaw turns into a pandemic with over 840,000 attacks initiated within 72 hours

On Tuesday, security researchers revealed that hackers had employed the recently discovered Log4J exploit in over 840,000 cyberattacks. Bad actors have targeted companies worldwide, including big-name players like Apple, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, and Cisco.

Hackers Steal $140 Million From Users of Crypto Gaming Company

In the latest hack targeting cryptocurrency investors, hackers stole around $135 million from users of the blockchain gaming company VulcanForge

Significant Disconnect Between SOC Leaders and Staff

A new report by Devo Technologies finds there is a significant disconnect between security operations center (SOC) leaders and staff, which is reducing the effectiveness of these teams.

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