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Security news for December 31 2021: 6 things in cybersecurity we didn’t know last year

It’s been an incredibly eventful year for cybersecurity news and events! From record-breaking data breaches to historic surges in ransomware attacks, the past 12 months in cybersecurity news have been a rough ride.

Here’s your final round-up of the most interesting headlines of 2021 

'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Pirated Downloads Contain Crypto-Mining Malware

 ReasonLabs recently discovered a new form of malware hacking into customer computers in the guise of the latest Spiderman movie.

Indian authorities set to tighten data breach laws in 2022

Authorities in India are set to clamp down on data breaches and tighten rules for holding sensitive data, according to local media reports.

6 things in cybersecurity we didn’t know last year

For better or worse, we end the year knowing more than we did before. Here we look back at the year that’s been, and what we learned along the way…