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What Can and Can’t Be Automated for SOC 2

elizabeth_sande Tugboat Employee Tugboat Team
edited September 9 in SOC2

Everyone is searching for a simplified SOC 2 experience but there’s some confusion about what can and can’t be automated for SOC 2. It’s not something that can be 100 percent hands-free.

Reducing your number of daily decisions is a form of automation. It’s how you streamline processes, limit distractions and save time and manpower. So by default, manual implies the opposite—especially with SOC 2. As a result, you can’t help but feel a bit panicky as you prepare for what you assume will be a labor-intensive experience that will suck the joy out of your day-to-day tasks. But not all manual tasks are complex. 

For example, take those smart coffee machines that consistently deliver a decadent caffeine experience. As a home barista, you can choose between a cappuccino or a basic cup of black, set a program to run or even ask Alexa to do it for you. So fast! However, you’re still responsible for installing a coffee pod and filling the water reservoir manually for the machine to complete the task. The hands-on, manual expectations are quick, clear and straightforward, though.

Manual work for SOC 2 is similar. With the right automation, the manual evidence collection tasks are a lot like adding water. You save time and end up with a successful audit to pair with your delicious cup of coffee. Let’s take a look at some examples of what can and can’t be automated for SOC 2.

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