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Secrets to Selecting the Right SOC 2 Vendor

elizabeth_sande Tugboat Employee Tugboat Team
edited September 9 in SOC2

In this article, we condense unbiased, expert research from Fractional CISO highlighting:

  • Three core SOC 2 challenges that software can help solve
  • Nine key points to consider when evaluating SOC 2 software vendors

Few people know more about SOC 2 compliance software than Rob Black. As the founder of Fractional CISO, he has fielded countless questions from small to midsized SaaS companies who want to know if a platform-enabled compliance process is right for them. And, if so, which vendor they should choose. 

Rob created a resource to help these companies navigate their options and make the right choice. He and his team spent many months and hundreds of hours talking to vendors, testing software and developing a decision framework.

We recently hosted a webinar and Rob shared his findings. You can watch the webinar on-demand or keep reading this blog, summarizing some of Rob’s insights.