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Security news for Mar 4, 2022: Moscow Exchange Downed by Cyber-Attack

isaac_noko ✭✭

Here is your round-up of the most interesting cybersecurity headlines for the week of Mar 4, 2022: 

U.S. Treasury warns crypto firms on Russia cybersecurity threat 

The U.S. Treasury Department has reached out to cryptocurrency companies about their cybersecurity controls amid concerns that Russia could wage retaliatory cyber attacks in response to Western sanctions.

7 Pressing Cybersecurity Questions Boards Need to Ask

Boards have a unique role in helping their organizations manage cybersecurity threats. In this article, we offer 7 questions to ask to make sure your board understands how cybersecurity is being managed by your organization.

How a simple security bug became a university campus ‘master key’

In an email, CBORD chief information officer Josh Elder confirmed the vulnerability is now fixed and session keys were invalidated, effectively closing off any remaining unauthenticated access to the API. 

Moscow Exchange Downed by Cyber-Attack

A crowdsourced community of hackers endorsed by Kyiv officials has claimed responsibility for the outage. The Ukraine IT Army posted a message on Telegram that it had taken just five minutes to render the site inaccessible.

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