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Security news for Mar 11, 2022: Russia may bypass sanctions using ransomware payments

isaac_noko ✭✭

Here is your round-up of the most interesting cybersecurity headlines for the week of March 11, 2022: 

Google boosts cloud security with $5.4 billion Mandiant deal

Google is buying cybersecurity firm Mandiant Inc for $5.4 billion in a deal that could trigger a "ripple effect" as cloud rivals Microsoft and Amazon also ramp up efforts to fortify the fast-growing business.

US Treasury: Russia may bypass sanctions using ransomware payments

The Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network warned U.S. financial institutions this week to keep an eye out for attempts to evade sanctions and restrictions following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Ukrainian IT Army Hijacked by Info-stealing Malware

Security researchers are urging pro-Ukrainian actors to be wary of downloading DDoS tools to attack Russia, as they may be booby-trapped with info-stealing malware.

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