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Webinar Alert: Securing the Startup Stack

March 22, 2022 | 2:00 PM EST 

Choosing the right technology stack for your business isn’t easy. It’s liable to give you a headache. Too often, security is treated as an afterthought, which can throw a wrench in your compliance efforts, stall big deals and impact your bottom line.

In the interest of saving you from unnecessary headaches, Blake Brannon, Chief Strategy Officer at OneTrust will be leading a discussion with Joe Sullivan, Chief Security Officer at Cloudflare, and Cailin Sullivan, Security Engineer at Appcues that will cover:

  • Insights into how 100 leading startups across different industries are building their tech stacks
  • The must-have tools, technologies and integrations to help startups scale their stacks securely
  • Compliance hacks and tips on how to leverage your security posture to sell upmarket

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