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How Accern Accelerated SOC 2 Compliance

isaac_noko ✭✭
edited September 2022 in SOC2

The gold standard of trust is a SOC 2 audit. It's the number one way your organization can prove its trustworthiness and demonstrate that you manage customer data securely. But even though a successful SOC 2 might be required to meet your client's security needs, understanding which policies and controls to comply with is time-consuming.

Acceleration is at the core of Accern. Accern is a no-code AI platform that enables financial organizations to create machine learning models in minutes, not months. They held uncovered risk and investment insights from a vast amount of data. 

The webinar was a chance to dive deep into Accern’s experience with Tugboat Logic’s platform. And a unique opportunity for attendees to discover SOC 2 roadblocks and surprises to avoid before starting their compliance journey.

Join Parul Purohit, Compliance Manager at Accern and Tugboat Logic's Monica McMahen for a webinar and discover:

  • Why Accern embarked on their SOC 2 compliance journey
  • Advice from Accern about roadblocks, surprises, and Tugboat Logic automation benefits
  • How to future proof your InfoSec program and what continuous compliance looks like
  • What Accern is doing with their SOC 2 success