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Security news for April 22, 2022: Hackers Sneak Malware Into Resumes Sent to Hiring Managers

isaac_noko ✭✭

Here is your round-up of the most exciting cybersecurity headlines for the week of April 22nd, 2022: 

UK Prime Minister's Office was infected with spyware, says cybersecurity group 

Citizen Lab found "multiple suspected" instances of Pegasus spyware infections at No. 10 Downing Street, alongside the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. 

Hackers Sneak 'More_Eggs' Malware Into Resumes Sent to Corporate Hiring Managers

A new set of phishing attacks has been observed striking corporate hiring managers with bogus resumes as an infection vector.

Real-time voice concealment algorithm blocks microphone spying

Columbia University researchers have developed a novel algorithm that can block rogue audio eavesdropping via microphones in smartphones, voice assistants, and connected devices in general.

Financial leaders grappling with more aggressive and sophisticated attack methods

VMware released a report which takes the pulse of the financial industry’s top security leaders on the changing behavior of cybercriminal cartels and the defensive shift of the financial sector.

Proposed US Guidance, Legislation Show Increasing Importance of Cloud Security

“The project was established to develop consistent, effective, modern, and manageable security configurations that will help secure agency information assets stored within cloud environments,” CISA said.

Sunwing president apologizes to stranded passengers, says outage result of a cyberattack

Sunwing (a Canadian budget airline) left passengers stranded for days. The president of Sunwing blamed the network outage affecting its flights due to a cyberattack on a third-party provider.

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