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Security news for April 29, 2022: FBI Warns About the Escalating Blackcat Ransomware Attacks

Here is your round-up of the most exciting cybersecurity headlines for the week of April 29th, 2022: 

The Air Force trusts the internet to name its ridiculous new cybersecurity mascot

The internet proves once again that it is undefeated. The Air Force needs a cybersecurity mascot. A caped robot with a shield and lightning bolt adorned helmet, and the result is as expected. 

FBI Warns About the Escalating Blackcat Ransomware Attacks

The FBI has recently issued an alert with updated details of the Indicators of Compromise used by the BlackCat/ALPHV ransomware. This comes as a warning for organizations as BlackCat hits several high-profile victims across the globe. 

Ukraine targeted by DDoS attacks from compromised WordPress sites

Ukraine's computer emergency response team has published an announcement warning of ongoing DDoS attacks targeting pro-Ukraine sites and the government web portal.

Coca-Cola investigating claims of hack after ransomware group hawks stolen data

Coca-Cola said it is investigating reports of a data breach after a ransomware group claimed to have stolen documents from the beverage giant. Coca-Cola said they had already contacted law enforcement about the incident in a statement.

Lapsus$ targeting SharePoint, VPNs and virtual machines

While Lapsus$ quieted down following the arrests of alleged members in March, the attacks launched by the group remain perplexing in both their motives and their methods. The group is most known for its attacks on companies like MicrosoftNvidiaOkta and Samsung.

US govt grants academics $12M to develop cyberattack defense tools

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has announced that it will provide $12 million in funding to six university teams to build defense and mitigation tools to protect US energy delivery systems from cyberattacks.

Tractor-Trailer Brake Controllers Vulnerable to Remote Hacker Attacks

Researchers have analyzed the cyber security of heavy vehicles and discovered that the brake controllers found on many tractor-trailers in North America are susceptible to remote hacker attacks.

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