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Community FAQs

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As with any new experiences, people are likely to have questions. How does this work? What can I do? Who will be able to help me if I need it?

I hope to pre-emptively answer some of your questions in order to make your time here as easy and enjoyable as possible.

What is The Helm?

The Helm is a group of customers, auditors, partners, and Tugboat team members looking to expand and share their knowledge of the security and compliance world with one another. Ultimately, the Helm is designed to bring people together and start conversations about security, compliance, Tugboat Logic, and everything in between.

Is this place just for Tugboat Logic customers?

Nope! While having our customers here allows us to better provide the best information and support, this community is open to whomever would like to join. We believe that quality information and connections to "Real Deal Holyfield" practitioners should be available to everyone.

We will have Tugboat-related content here including product updates and other news. However, we will not be gating the majority of the community. You do not have to sign up to view most of our content (although you'll need to make an account in order to comment, create and participate in discussions, and engage with other community members).

Who's piloting this crazy ride?

Yours truly! My name is Cheryl and I'm the Community Manager at Tugboat Logic. My job is to manage the community, curate content, and help you out however I can. I am joined by my partner in crime, Victor, and other members of the Tugboat Logic team. As our team and community grows, I'll connect you with the right people to help you accomplish whatever you're looking to achieve (or even just to say "Hi!").

I need some help. What can I do?

We're here to help however we can! For community questions, feel free to send a message to Victor or myself. We will be keeping an eye on the discussions in the community, but you can also reach us through direct message (click that envelope in the upper-righthand corner on the navigation bar), or through email at the [email protected]

If you have specific questions about the Tugboat Logic platform, please let us know and we can notify the right people depending on the nature of your question.

Likewise, if you have technical questions or questions about certifications that neither Victor nor I can answer, let us know and we'll connect you to (or ask) the right people. We have a lot of experts (some of whom you've met like Jose, CISO at Tugboat Logic, and Sydney, Director of Customer Success) on our team we can reach out to :)

What's up with these points and badges?

You may have noticed that when you signed up, you began to collect points. Points are awarded when you perform actions in the community such as post a discussion or comment. You'll also receive them when you earn badges. Points are designed to show who the most active and influential members are in the community. Chances are if they have a lot of points, they've been here awhile and could be a good source of information. That, or they're spammers, in which case the wrath of the mods will come down upon them muahahaha.

There are also special badges that we may award from time to time, which will also come with a host of points. An example of this would be the Beta Tester badge.

What if I want to close my account?

We'll be super sad to see you leave, but should you wish for us to remove your account and content, please reach out to an administrator (Victor or myself) or our support email ([email protected]). We'll remove your account, all the content you've posted, and then send you a confirmation email that we've done so.