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Security news for May 6, 2022: Password advice from our very own CISO Jose Costa & NFT scams

Happy (belated) password day. For the unversed, International Password Day is celebrated on the first Thursday of May and focuses on the need to improve password strength as the first line of defence against cyber security attacks. Our very own CISO Jose Costa gives expert advice on how to choose a password. Check out his byline and your round-up of the most exciting cybersecurity headlines for the week of May 6th, 2022 below.  

Expert advice from our very own CISO Jose Costa on world password day 2022

"Start using pass-phrases instead of passwords. The reason is that it is easier for a machine to guess words made up of symbols and special characters and harder for humans to remember…

SEC nearly doubles size of crypto and cyber enforcement unit

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has announced that it will bolster the size of its enforcement units that target crypto assets and cyber-related threats.

Researchers find over 400 vulnerabilities in defense industrial base bug bounty effort

A year-long bug bounty program that scrutinized a fraction of the massive U.S. defense industrial base turned up more than 400 valid vulnerabilities, the effort’s organizers announced Monday.

Marcum merges in Friedman to create $1B megafirm

The merger is expected to deepen both firms’ expertise in services such as public company audit and assurance, digital assets, cybersecurity, real estate, construction, and other advisory services. 

NIST Releases Updated Cybersecurity Guidance for Managing Supply Chain Risks

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on Thursday released an updated cybersecurity guidance for managing risks in the supply chain, as it increasingly emerges as a lucrative attack vector.

Fake NFT Artist Job Offer Lures Spreading Infostealer Malware

Users of creator-oriented online platforms such as DeviantArt and Pixiv in Japan are receiving fake job offer-related messages from the Cyberpunk Ape Executives NFT project. The goal is to infect artists' devices with information stealers.

Wrongly configured Google Cloud API potentially creates dangerous functionality

Some odd and potentially dangerous behavior within the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) was revealed by cloud security company Mitiga Thursday. If GCP is not configured correctly, it could be exploited by attackers to engage in malicious activity inside a user's cloud environment

White House to boost support for quantum technology while boosting cybersecurity

The White House on Wednesday will announce a slate of measures to support quantum technology in the United States while laying out steps to boost cybersecurity to defend against the next generation of supercomputers.

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