Where to post general security practices questions

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Hi everyone,

I assume we'll also use this to also ask general security questions about best practices?

Can you point to which channel we would post those?

I.e. best practices around local admin passwords on end user devices (unique per device, general accross all to ease security scanning, etc.), best practices around server updates (manual, automatic, the first tuesday of the month, etc.)


  • cheryl_rasmuson
    edited June 2020

    Hey @Domien!

    This place can certainly be used for asking general security questions. Right now we have a general chat area (The Scuttlebutt) for more generalized topics and questions including ones about security.

    If you have more specific questions related to various certifications, we have a section set up for that as well. For now I would suggest posting in the general chat, but if you have suggestions for where this content would be better housed, we'd love to hear what you think.

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