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Security news for June 3, 2022: Coffee giant violates privacy laws & hackers scam city of Portland

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edited September 12 in This Week in Security News

Here is your round-up of the most exciting cybersecurity headlines for the week of June 3, 2022: 

FBI San Francisco Announces Cyber Security Awareness Campaign for Bay Area Companies

FBI San Francisco is announcing an awareness campaign to warn the private industry of increased malicious cyber intrusions into organizations of all sizes.

Tim Hortons app violated privacy laws in the collection of ‘vast amounts of sensitive location data

Canadian Staple, Tim Hortons is in hot water after People who downloaded the Tim Hortons app had their movements tracked and recorded every few minutes of every day, even when their app was not open, violating Canadian privacy laws. 

CISA Solicits Feedback on Finer Points of Coming Software Transparency Requirement

The agency has identified four topics—including considerations for cloud and online applications—it wants to hear more about from stakeholders. 

Global tech industry objects to India’s new infosec reporting regime

Eleven significant tech-aligned industry associations from around the world have reportedly written to India’s Computer Emergency Response Team (to call for revision of the nation’s new infosec reporting and data retention rules, which they criticize as inconsistent, onerous, and unlikely to improve security within India, and possibly harmful to the nation’s economy.

Attackers Can Use Electromagnetic Signals to Control Touchscreens Remotely

GhostTouch, as it’s called, “uses electromagnetic interference (EMI) to inject fake touch points into a touchscreen without the need to touch it physically,” a group of academics from Zhejiang University and Technical University of Darmstadt said in a new research paper.

Cybercriminal scams City of Portland, Ore. for $1.4 million

Portland, Ore., is investigating a cybersecurity breach that resulted in a $1.4 million fraudulent transaction with city funds in April — one discovered after the same compromised account tried the following month again, the city said in a press release late last week. 

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