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Improvements and Changes to Support

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On January 9, 2023, the OneTrust Certification Automation support team will be transitioning to an improved ticketing process and updated global support form on  

Watch our video on how to open a support ticket on our new form:  

Why the change?   

As we continue to build our future as the OneTrust GRC & Security Cloud, we are making some improvements to support and want to ensure that you will 

  • continue to be able to send and receive support communications during this transition, and 
  • understand what channels are available when you have a question and need support  

Our improved ticketing process includes an updated global support form, which will be live and available to all Certification Automation customers starting January 9, 2023. Our ultimate goal is to move to one, centralized support intake form, as it will ensure that required information is captured in a consistent format to help 

  • automate case routing to reduce the time it takes to get a first response  
  • reduce back and forth or the need to reshare information  
  • provide proper context for the team so they can provide value in the solution they offer  

How will this impact me as a customer?   

Starting January 9, 2023, the new global support form will be available on and should be used as your primary way to submit support tickets. You will need to create an account to raise a case which will also allow you to view your open cases when logged in to your account. 

We will also have a new email address for support as of January 9th, 2023 – [email protected]  Please note that we recommend submitting any new ticket through the new global support form on my.OneTrust for the most efficient and streamlined support experience.  

What’s not changing?  

  • You can still expect the same products and services you have grown accustomed to, and your daily operations will not change

What’s changing?   

  • We are moving to a global support model as our team continues to integrate into the wider OneTrust support organization 
  • A new global support form will be available for use to all customers on, starting January 9th, 2023 
  • This new form allows you to select which product you are using as well as the severity of your issue, for improved routing so we can get your question in front of the right team  
  • When cases are created you will still receive an email, but it will now reflect OneTrust branding.  
  • Before you raise a case using the new global support form, you will first need to create a account  
  • Creating an account also allows you to view your open support cases when you are logged in to your account 

Suggested next steps   

1. Add the domain to your company allow list to ensure our emails go straight to your inbox and do not get caught in the spam filter. 

2. Create an account on if you haven't already. This will allow you to submit a support case and view open cases when you are logged into the myOneTrust portal. 

If you do not already have a myOneTrust account, follow the steps below to create one.  

Navigate to the myOneTrust registration page. Then enter the required details and click Sign Up.   

After you register, you will receive an email notification from [email protected] with the subject line "Welcome to myOneTrust". You will want to click "Activate my Account" to set up a password. Please note that access to the community will be granted within 24 hours, however, you will have the ability to submit a support case immediately after creating your password.  


3. Once you have a my.OneTrust account, you'll want to click HERE to learn how to submit a case using the new global support form.  

Will the platform URL be changing?   

The platform URL will not be changing until further notice. Customers can continue to use the platform URL they are used to, which is based on the location of the data center their instance is on:   




Will the knowledge base or community URL be changing?    

For the time being, we will also be keeping the URLs to our knowledge and community:    

I am interested in learning more about OneTrust’s Trust Intelligence Platform and other offerings.  How can I find out more?    

We recommend reaching out to your Account Manager to start a consultation and/or to book a demo.  You can also visit the OneTrust website for an overview of what we offer.  


  • I was brought to this page when looking to submit a support ticket. I am baffled as to what to do next.

  • ila_admin
    ila_admin Tugboat Employee Tugboat Team

    Hello @ben_west,

    Thank you very much for reaching out about submitting a support ticket. You may use this intake form: to submit a support ticket.

    Please note that if you do not have a myOT account, you will need to register one to submit a case. This allows for easier routing to the correct team. When submitting the support case please ensure you add GRC & Security Assurance as the Cloud and Certification Automation as the Module.

    We also have a new email address for support as of January 9th, 2023 – [email protected] Please note that we recommend submitting any new ticket through the new global support form on my.OneTrust for the most efficient and streamlined support experience.

    Please let us know if this helps you.


    Ila Schmaltz

    Manager - Support