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September/October 2020: Auditor Program

As we start ramping up our first major program in the community, I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to explore the community and test it out. It's been great the interest we've had for it so far!

Summer is sadly ending (unless you're those lucky southern hemisphere folks), and we know that many companies and auditors will be in overdrive trying to finish their security audits before the end of the year. As an extra effort to help you out with this process and mix things up in the community, we have as few exciting programs and events coming up!

  • AMA with Ray Kruck, Founder and CEO of Tugboat Logic - Ray will be in the community from 1-2pm PST on October 1 answering all your questions about life, the universe and everything Tugboat. Stop by to say hi or ask him your burning questions about Tugboat Logic (e.g. product roadmap, why he wears SOC 2 socks every day...)
  • "Ask an Auditor" Office Hours - Starting Wednesday, September 9, we will be hosting an Ask an Auditor Hour every week. One person from our Labs or Customer Success teams will be in the community answering any questions you may have for an hour. If you miss this time period, post your question anyway and we'll get you an answer within 24 hours.
  • Mini Contest - In the coming weeks, we'll be running a small contest in the community with the chance to win some SOC 2 Socks and/or some other prizes! Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for more details. We will officially announce the contest and its topic in advance.
  • SSO - We will be (finally) setting up Single Sign On for your Tugboat Logic accounts to make logging in that much more easy for you. We will announce when it's implemented!

This is the beginning of a lot of programs and events in the community. Stay tuned for more as we try to end off what's been a rough year on a good note.