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Ask an Auditor Office Hours #2

edited September 2020 in Ask an Expert

Each Wed from 1-2pm PT, someone from either the Security Labs or Customer Success teams will be on deck for one hour to answer any and all Qs you may have.

This week we have @Susan our wonderful Sr. Customer Success Manager. Chances are some of you have worked with her in the past!

Here's how to participate:

  1. Submit your Qs in this discussion thread, and go about your day! Or, you can stay on during the hour (1-2pm PT) and submit as many Qs as you'd like.
  2. Susan will write out an answer to you as soon as she can, and tag you in her answer.
  3. Submit your Qs even when office hours are over - Susan and or someone from CS/Labs will answer your Q in 1 business


  • hey susan - not sure if the right place to ask this but do you guys integrate with Heroku?

  • Susan
    Susan Tugboat Employee Tugboat Team

    Hello @Fansander

    Thanks so much for joining us on the Helm and for submitting your question.

    We do not have an automated evidence integration for Heroku at this time, but we can help with tools such as our Evidence Screenshot Collector Chrome Extension which automatically sends screencaps to the evidence task bucket of your choice. We are also in development on an Evidence Collection Open API that would allow you to build your own integration from Heroku to Tugboat Logic later this year. Lastly, we have found that many companies that start on Heroku while at early stages eventually migrate their services to AWS, GCP or Azure since they afford greater flexibility and features at a lower cost as you grow.

    Thanks again!!